We Love Lucy, Here's Some Lucille Ball Inspired Tattoos

Lucille Ball was a well-known American actress and a true pioneer in comedy. She starred in the popular television series, I Love Lucy. As an entertainer and businesswoman, Ball continuously broke barriers for women in the entertainment industry. Today we celebrate her birthday with a few awesome tattoos and facts about her life and career.

She was only 12 years old when she went on her first audition, with the support of her step-father. Lucille auditioned for a spot in a chorus line of local stage production and naturally won the role.

Tattoo by: Cheyenne Randall @indiangiver

She was the first female to run a major Hollywood studio: Desilu Productions, named after its founders, Lucille and Desi. 

Tattoo by: Aaron Peters 

Before her show began production, Lucy insisted that her then-husband, Cuban-American actor Desi Arnaz, be cast as her on-screen husband, making them T.V's first interracial couple.

Tattoo by: Nikko Hurtado

Ball multiple nominations and awards in recognition of her lifelong contributions to film, television, radio, and the stage, including a posthumous 1989 Presidential Medal of Freedom, a 1953 “Woman of the Year” award. 

Tattoo by: David Corden


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  • Lucille was such an inspiration! 💫

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