It's National Shakespeare Day. To tattoo, or to not tattoo? That is the question.

It's Talk Like Shakespeare Day and we want to ring in this day with some badass Shakespeare inspired tattoos. 
Cover tattoo by Alexandru Dragos
Tattoo by: EVH
The famous "to be or not to be" we appreciate the precise lines in this piece. What do you think? Comment below.

Tattoo by: Sara Lou
This comes from Measure for Measure, published in 1603! Could you see yourself getting this black and grey piece? Doth should comment below.
Tattoo by: Valley 
This design was inspired by Dagger and Hemlock. We're amazed by those fine details.
Tattoo by: Serpents Ink
This portrait piece balances reality and fantasy. 
Tattoo by Kayla Hang
This comes from Romeo and Juliet, which R & J inspired movie is your favorite? Comment below.
Tattoo by: Sarah Amelia
Here's another awesome Romeo and Juliet tattoo. Are you team Capulets or Montagues? Commment!
This quote comes from The Temptest. What's your favorite quote from Shakespeare? Let us know below.
Tattoo by: Rinaldo Andreini
If you could have anyone tattooed on you, why not Shakespeare? He did write nearly 200 sonnets and 38 plays. 
This is based on the 1996 movie, Romeo + Juliet, starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes. This perfectly captures the scene!
This tattoo has us craving some fresh ink. Can you guess which play inspired it?
Tattoo by: Moe Tattoo Studio
This last tattoo is a stunning black and grey with extreme detail. Which tattoo was your favorite? Did we leave yours out? Head over to our get featured section to submit your fresh ink! 

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