Three Surprising Health Benefits to Having Tattoos

3. Self Expression that leads to health benefits 

There can be a healing aspect that goes along with being able to hold artwork on your skin, for instance, breast cancer survivors, get mastectomy tattoos that cover their scars and ultimately leads into them feeling more confident. We don't get to choose what scars or birthmarks we have but tattoos are a way of controlling how our bodies look. There's this new found freedom in getting a detailed tattoo, it's a way to show your personality and individuality; with that kind of freedom comes a boost of self-esteem. 

2. Stress relief

Studies have actually compared getting tattoos to working out, the more you do it the more your body gets used to it. There can be endorphins released which can actually be a natural pain reliever. They can additionally provide feelings of euphoria and well-being. Plus, what gets your mind off stress better than the hum of a tattoo machine?

1. Higher immune system

Studies have shown the more tattoos a person has, the higher their immunological responses are. So their tattoos made them less susceptible to some illnesses. This by no means proves having tattoos can protect you, but it can help your immune system in most cases. It goes back to that old belief that being covered in dirt could protect you from certain diseases. Take this with a grain of salt because every immune system is different. 


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