Is the Future is Vegan?

Veganism has been a hot topic over the last year and today we're taking a closer look to answer this burning question: is green the new black? Enjoy this blog and feel free to comment your opinion below!

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According to a recent survey by the Vegetarian Resource Group, veganism is on the rise. More restaurants and fast food establishments around the world are making it easier to find options for vegan diets. And even in the tattoo industry, Vegan Tattoo Studios is making it easier to find vegan-friendly tattoo artists, connecting users to more than 200 vegan tattoo artists. 

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Founded by Olga Miller and launched this last summer, Vegan Tattoo Studios makes it as simple as typing in your city and country to find a vegan artist near you. Olga Miller hails from Kiev, Ukraine and originally used a Facebook group to help match tattoo clients with artists. The Vegan Tattoos Facebook group also was a way for members to get ideas for animal-rights inspired tattoos.

Veganism has proven to be much more than a trend and has shown lifelong health benefits seeing as vegan diets focus primarily on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Without animal-based products also means a decrease in saturated and trans fat, reducing the risk of health-related problems.

Photo by: Jason Leung

The bigger picture - going vegan can help more than just your waistband, it can actually help the environment. The production of animal-based foods creates twice as much greenhouse gas emissions than the production of plant-based foods. Meat-based diets use more resources like land, water, and energy to produce food while vegan diets don't require as much cropland. 

Photo by: Simona Todor

Are you thinking about switching out your burger for vegan cuisine? Comment below!
Here's a link for the website for anyone wanting to try it out:

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