Making Waves With These Beach Day Inspired Tattoos

It's the official first day of summer! It's the time of year for vacations, palm trees, and tattoos. Did you get a new summer tattoo? Stop by our submissions tab for your chance to be featured in this blog. We're saying aloha to summer with these sweet tattoos!

Seas the day with this beach-inspired piece!

Tattoo by: Chrysan Tialyra 

This tattoo gave us some serious vitamin sea!

Tattoo by: Babayaga Tattoo

This is the perfect piece for the free spirits out there, avoid pier pressure!

Tattoo by: Som Tattoo

Here's a tattoo that made I say shell yeah!

Tattoo by: Tina Hundertfarben

We love the clean lines in this piece, what's your dream tattoo destination? Comment below!

Tattoo by: Martyna Cyniak

Here's a fresh to depth wave tattoo featuring an adorable surfer pineapple. What did the pineapple say when we asked if he knew how to swim? Shore!

Tattoo by: Simone Gagliardi

Are you getting a matching tattoo this summer? Comment below!

Tattoo by: Nicol Darlin 

Too pool for school!

Tattoo by: Fury Art


What was your favorite summer tattoo? Comment below!

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