Eleven Things We know About Stranger Things Season 3


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1. Release Day:

Here's one more reason to be excited about the summertime, Stranger Things will premiere on the 4th of July. So while your out watching fireworks we'll most likely be on the couch binge-watching the series. 

2. Hitting the Fast forward:

There will be a time jump so it will not be picking up exactly where the last season left off. Why? Well, the cast is mostly made up of young actors and those kids are growing up fast; with that in mind the writers are springing forward the storyline. 

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3. Episode count:

We have a bit of unfortunate news, there will be a mere eight episodes! Eight episodes! We're guessing they know the attraction in leaving us wanting more. (We also hope this is some elaborate joke and there are really more episodes to come).

4. Rated PBG- for Pretty Brutal & Gross.

While Stranger Things is magnificent and we love watching it, there have been scenes that have not been easy to watch. Our resources indicate this season will be the most brutal season of them all and we are on the edge of our seats wondering what this will entail. Hint: this season will be loosely based off of John Carpenter's The Thing. 

5. You Can Count on Numbers 

As we all know Eleven is a part of the core cast and she met a fellow number, Eight, also known as Kali. Kali is set to return in season three, but we're not sure for how long and it is likely that other numbers will show up this season. We know Cary Elwes, Francesca Reale, and Maya Thurman-Hawke are on the cast list, maybe they'll be numbers? What do you think? Comment below!

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6. Mall Madness

We do know quite a bit of craziness will be taking place in a mall and in fact episode two is titled Mall Rats taking place inside the Starcourt Mall. What do you think will happen? Comment below!

7. Mind Flayer

Remember that crazy shadow monster? It's back! (After all it is technically the show's main antagonist). Do you think there's a chance it could escape the Upside Down? Who do you think it will claim next? Comment below.

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8. New Aesthetics

So seeing as this will take place in the summer it's only fitting that things look fun and more colorful. Don't let the new aesthetic mislead you into thinking the storylines will be lighter-hearted, it's mostly to mix things up environmentally. Sure the kids will be going to the pool and the movies but there's still a lot of strange stuff that will take place regardless. 

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9. Where there's a Will there's a break

Will has had it tough since the beginning, with being abducted and all. So, we're happy to hear that season three will be an easier season for him. He's not totally okay after escaping the Upside Down, (which is understandable) but we think he'll emerge stronger and look forward to seeing what season three brings his way.

10. Coming of Age Storylines

Our cast of kiddos are growing up and blossoming into teenagers and this season will include the highs and lows of adolescent romances. Mike and Eleven's relationship will carry over to season three and we can expect to see more of Max and Lucas too. We anticipate a bit of a strain on Nancy and Jonathan's relationship but hope for the best.


11. Get ready for another loss

Each season has included a loss of a major character and season three will be no different. (We know Lucas's little sister, Erica, and Mike's Mom, Karen, are going to be featured more in this season.) So, watch with some tissues nearby. Will it be a new character? Or part of the original cast? Comment your prediction below. 


We want to know what you think! What do you hope to see in season three? Check out the trailer below & comment below.


  • Can’t wait!!!

  • The music they use is awesome!! Can’t wait for season 3 😁

  • As long as nothing happens to Dustin I’ll be good 😂💋

    Sierra Clark
  • Steve and Dustin will defeat the mall rats!! #bromance 😂

  • I predict the mind flayer is coming for Mike!

    Cody G

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