With Great Ink Comes Great Responsibility, It's Spider-Man Day

 Before Spider-Man was brought to life in comics and movies, this hero was heavily doubted because most people don't like spiders. He was the first hero to show that heroes can come in unconventional places, seeing as he was just a kid. Stan Lee even contemplated using a fly instead of a Spider, but always felt very interested in the idea of Spider-Man and making him different. Stan Lee even loosely based Peter Parker after his own family and childhood. Today we celebrate the success of Spider-Man. Here are a few Spider-Man inspired tattoos and facts sure to make your tattoo senses tingle. Comment your favorite piece below!

Spider-Man was the first teen-hero who wasn’t an adult’s sidekick!

Tattoo by: Natália Jiménez


Spider-man’s webs dissolve after 1 hour and are strong enough to hold even the Hulk!

Tattoo by: Jordan Baker

Spider-man’s first love interest wasn’t actually Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy, it was actually Betty Brant, the Daily Planet secretary.

Tattoo by: Verzall Ink

There has been a total of 8 Spider-man cartoons, the first one premiered in 1967. The most current show, Ultimate Spider-man, started in 2012.

Tattoo by: Harley DVS 

Spider-man is ranked #3 on IGN’s top 100 superheroes, right behind Batman ranking at #2 (and Superman at #1).

Tattoo by: La Unión Ink Málaga


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