Remembering the Life of Icon, Grumpy Cat. We miss you furready.

Grumpy cat was more than a feline, she was a phenomenon and globally recognized for her unique, surly appearance. She will be missed and here you'll find some awesome tattoos in her likeness and some interesting facts about her.
Tattoo by: Darlene Brown
The only thing more adorable than Grumpy cat's big, lovable eyes of disapproval is her real name: Tarder Sause
Tattoo by: Titanic Tattoos
Grumpy Cat was an Aries, born April 4th in Morristown, Arizona.
Tattoo by: Iva Gustinic
Despite her brusque or unsmiling appearance, her personality was not grumpy at all. Our sources tell us she was playful and would often find amusement in hiding behind curtains. 
Tattoo by: 13 Needles Tattoo
Though her legal name was Tarder Sause, she also responded to the nickname Grumpy.
Tattoo by: Savy Tattoo
She loved to travel, in fact as soon as she'd see her carrier out she would go directly in it.
Tattoo by: Sarah Legh-Jones
In 2014, Grumpy Cat starred in a holiday movie for Lifetime, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever. Grumpy was voiced by Aubrey Plaza.
Tattoo by: Kd Ink
There's a comic book based on her and her brother that Dynamite Entertainment created and titled The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat and Pokey.
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