Remembering Michael Jackson: Forever the King

Michael Jackson was more than a singer, he was a true trendsetter and a one of a kind talent. He spent the majority of his life performing, music was the love of his life. To name just one of his many accomplishments, Jackson's Thriller (1982) remained at the top of the Billboard 200 album chart for thirty-seven weeks, setting a record for the longest run at number one by a studio album and also won him 8 Grammys, the most won by an artist in a single year and a Guinness world record. He broke numerous records and his music is still very much alive. Today marks ten years since his passing and to commemorate his life we bring you these tattoos and facts about the King of Pop.

Tattoo above by Pawel Indulski

Michael first got into music back in 1965 when he was just 5 years old after his Father formed the first family band known as "Jackson Brothers."

Tattoo by Julia Brunander

He was the first African American artist featured on MTV, performing the song Billie Jean.

Tattoo by Zhang POPO

The word “shamone” became very popular after Michael Jackson used it in the hit song, “Bad” released in 1987. MJ decided to use “shamone” instead of “come on” in the lyrics.

Tattoo by Erica Flannes 

The famous "moonwalk" was first performed by Jackson in 1983 in front of 47 million viewers!

Tattoo by Mariano

Jackson was also an animal lover and had a wide range of pets, including mice, snakes, birds, llamas, tigers, dogs, and cats, and of course, Bubbles- the chimpanzee.

Tattoo by Derick Tattoo


First off, the song Thriller was almost titled "Starlight." Could you imagine that?? Second, the music video was actually played at select movie theatres so it could qualify for an Oscar! 

Tattoo by Paul Aramayo


Jackson regularly wore a black armband to remind people of children suffering around the world.

Tattoo by Michele Spallacci

Jackson co-wrote We Are The World with Lionel Richie, which raised over $63 million for humanitarian causes. 

Tattoo by KD Tattoo, illustrated by Lauristica

In 1992 he founded the Heal the World Foundation which brought underprivileged children to Neverland and made donations worldwide.

Tattoo by Skin City Tattoo

The day after he passed away "Thriller" had accumulated 38,619,665 views or more than 1.6 million plays. His music still streams today and he's considered one of the most recognizable artists.

Tattoo by Davinia Do Santo Tattoo


  • The Tat by KD is so adorable! All of them are amazing art work!

    Sarah L
  • MJ for life!!!


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