Remembering Chris Farley

 It's hard to believe it's been over 20 years since the loss of one of Saturday Night's finest comedians, Chris Farley. Farley was a talented actor, loyal friend, and a true source of light on the screen. Today we remember him with these awesome tattoos and a few quick facts. 

Farley's first on-screen experience was as a security guard in the cult-classic, Wayne's World. 

Tattoo by: Billy Diamond 

He received a degree in communications and theatre. He was discovered in Chicago while performing at a comedy club by Lorne Michaels, who we all know is the producer of Saturday Night Live.

Tattoo by: Speakeasy Custom Tattoo


Growing up, his Mom had a strict no swearing policy so at a young age he coined the term, “Holy Schnikes!” He later uses this phrase in Tommy Boy. 

Tattoo by: Kevin Leary

Chris Farley was a master of improv, in fact, one of his most memorable on-screen moments was completely unplanned. In his first leading role in Tommy Boy, he unleashed the famously hilarious 'fat guy in a little coat' bit on the fly.

Tattoo by: Perfect Tattoo Artists 


  • Loved him!! Awesome tatts!! Deff want 1 soon.

  • We miss you Chris! He was so talented ❤️

    Charlie Smith
  • Beautiful tattoos that commemorate an unforgettable comedian and a wonderful summary to highlight Mr. Farley’s amazing career.


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