Michela Bottin - Finding Happiness in a New City

Written by: Michela Bottin, SOHO INK
Photos by Alberto Moschini

Hello, everyone, it’s Michela, as you know I recently moved to New York, thanks to the amazing chance given to me by Lou Rubino from World Famous Tattoo Ink... and I couldn’t have chosen better. Many of you might be asking me “why”....well.... the truth is that lately, I’ve been struggling a little bit in Europe, I was not expecting to become so well known and requested. I guess I was not ready for that. Don’t get me wrong I am the most grateful person on Earth and I appreciate the support that has been given to me from the bottom of my heart and this is one of the reasons that made me struggle with deciding to leave.
This I would never allow, that’s why I decided to move.

Just like a little fish that goes from a glass and jumps in the ocean I needed to fade into the crowd of the many amazing tattoo artists in the states. I'm starting anew.. while working on quality and new idea as I have less quantity. I'm now brainstorming, surrounded by amazing working mates and by a city of inspiration. I'm breathing in ideas and feeling the sparks of a new challenge to strike it here! But with this new found outlook, I won’t be put in the same position as in Europe.I wanted to give everyone the best because I was so honored to be chosen as an artist, so I was working very hard every day, 24/7 trying to make everyone happy. But the more requests that came in, the more people had to wait and the more they were “unhappy,” so I found myself in this vicious circle that never made me feel entirely fair with my clientele; and at the same time the thing I love the  most, my work, was becoming a main cause of stress. Does it mean that I won’t be back in Europe? No, I will always go back attending conventions or guest spotting around the country with innovative ideas and with new energies and new positivity.

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