It's Valentine's Day - Here Are Some Tattoos That Stole Our Heart

Hmm... we can hear the sound of singles sighing with disgust - it must be Valentine's Day. If you don't have a Valentine this year, don't worry - let Freshly Inked be your Valentine. Our gift to you is this blog, featuring awesome Valentine's Day inspired tattoos; and remember if you're saving money by not having to buy someone candy and a card - you can put that cash towards your next tattoo. Happy Valentine's Day! 

Tattoo by: Jenna Kerr

Tattoo by: Polished Tattooing

Tattoo by: Old London Road Tattoos

Tattoo by: Studio 52 Tattoos

Tattoo by: Danielle Tattoo


 Tattoo by: Nawoo 

Tattoo by: Roberto Euán

Tattoo by: Allied Tattoo

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Cover flash by: Gustavo Santamaria


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