It's Go Skate Day and We're ShREADY to Share Some Skater Tattoos

National Skateboarding day (also known as Go Skateboarding Day) is being observed today! It's been recognized annually since 2004, though skateboarding has been around for much longer. We wanted to honor this day with a few rad facts about the sport and of course, some tattoos! As always, feel free to comment below your favorite tattoo or which fact surprised you the most. 

The first skateboard was introduced in 1950 and was first known as "sidewalk surfing."

Tattoo by: Maugosia Gralińska

California is where skateboarding was born and is still the most popular place for skateboarders today.

Tattoo by: Eric Bovenzi 

Bart Simpson's skateboard the Santa Cruz X featured in The Simpsons has been replicated in real life so people can actually buy the same one!

Tattoo by: Jestin Robinson


There are two stances or ways to ride a skateboard depending on which foot is on the front and which is on the back of the board when moving forward. If your right foot is on the back of the board when moving forward, your stance is called “regular” and if your left foot is on the back of the board when moving forward, your stance is called “goofy” every skater's stance comes naturally to them.

Tattoo by: Roberto Euán


One of the most popular tricks is called an "ollie." This was actually started accidentally! In 1978, while trying to perform a trick at local skatepark a skater, Alan “Ollie” Gelfand, accidentally discovered it by slamming the back foot down while sliding the front foot upwards and simultaneously jumping, leaving the ground with the board attached to the feet. 

Tattoo by: Evermore Tattoo Parlor

Written by: Olivia Edens

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