It's Kelly Doty's Birthday, Let's Celebrate with Some of Our Favorite Doty Tattoos!

Most recognize Kelly Doty from her appearance on Ink Master, season 8. Doty has been tattooing since 2007, she's creative, talented, and hilarious. you can currently watch her on Ink Master Angels and of course, tattooing at Helheim Gallery, the tattoo shop she owns in Salem, MA. 

"If I had a motto it would probably be poorly phrased and full of anxious hand gestures and nervous sweating. But if I was to be encouraging, I’d want to make sure anyone who feels like they’re not accepted or not wanted to remember that they have something to say and a story to tell. And what is art, if not expressing a story that you haven’t heard? Just keep being a weirdo, even if you’re afraid." - Kelly Doty

This tattoo is wicked good! Did this put a spell on you? Comment below! 

Does this tattoo look familiar? The likeness was inspired by real-life artist and good friend of Kelly's, Timmy B. This duo was featured on a cover of Freshly Inked together. 

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Damn, we were hoping if we typed it three times Kelly Doty would appear. Not only are we fans of the film this tattoo inspired, we love how Kelly made it her own style. 

It's safe to say Kelly is the QUEEN of individuality. In this crazy little industry called tattooing, Doty's pieces make us wanna sing, "I want it all." 

This tattoo combines two of our favorite things: The Office and Kelly Doty's style of work!

Christmas comes early this year with this rad Clark Griswold tattoo, inspired by the popular comedy National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

The truth is out there: Kelly's tattoos are totally out of this world. What's your favorite thing about this X-Files tattoo? Comment below!

School's out for summer! This Alice Cooper tattoo has us craving some fresh ink. Which tattoo is giving you tattspiration? Comment below!

This tattoo is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. (And we love it).

Friends don't lie and neither do we when we say this tattoo of Eleven from Stranger Things is simply the best.

Happy Birthday Kelly Doty from all of us here at Freshly Inked! To see more from Kelly check out our second issue of Freshly Inked or stop by her Instagram @kellydotylovessoup!


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