It's Friday the 13th - Enjoy These Scary Good Tattoos

 Are you feeling plagued by a touch of paraskavedekatriaphobia? (Also known as the fear of Friday the 13th). Well, to distract you from your superstitions we've created this gallery of scary movie-inspired tattoos. (Oh, and enjoy a few interesting facts too). 

It's unclear how 'Friday the 13th' started exactly. One legend suspects the fear can be traced back to a myth about 12 Gods that attended a dinner that was interrupted by a 13th guest, Loki, the God of mischief and lead to the death of another hero.

What do you think about this urban legend? We wouldn't mind having Tom Hiddleston interrupt our dinner. Comment below!

Tattoo by: Aguascali Firme 

among many cultures, the number 12 emerged throughout history as a "complete" number: There are 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 Gods of Olympus, 12 sons of Odin, 12 labors of Hercules, 12 Jyotirlingas or Hindu shrines where Shiva is worshipped, 12 successors of Muhammad in Shia Islam, and 12 tribes of Israel.

Tattoo by: Neon Judas

In other cultures Friday the 13th isn't a big deal, they have their own variations of Friday the 13th. For instance, Spanish-speaking countries consider Tuesday the 13th the unluckiest day.

Tattoo by: Valentina Riabova

The fear of the number 13 (triskaidekaphobia) has motivated some odd traditions, like builders skipping the 13th floor when designing buildings, hospitals without a room 13, and restauranters missing out on the 13th table.

Tattoo by: Pony Lawson

For anyone who dreads this day find comfort knowing there can't be more than three Friday the 13ths in a year. 

Tattoo by: Erich Rabel 

Some lucky things can still come from this day. Friday the 13th has inspired some of the highest-Grossing films and series; including (of course) the Friday the 13th franchise.

Tattoo by: Arlo DiCristina

To put a positive spin on Friday the 13th, it's also National Accident Day, created to raise awareness about safety.

Tattoo by: Bryan Alfaro

Ironically, because most people avoid traveling on this particular Friday - it makes it a safer day to travel.

Tattoo by: Daniel Art Tattoo

Taylor Swift is one of the few examples of how the number 13 can be lucky. The world-renowned singer was born on the 13th, her first album went gold in 13 weeks, and her first #1 song had a 13-second intro.

Tattoo by: Anrijs Straume 

For those that don't already know, here are a few wacky things you can apparently do to avoid bad luck on the 13th:

knocking on wood, crossing your fingers, avoiding black cats, and throwing salt over each shoulder.

Tattoo by: Dutch

in the 19th century, Captain William Fowler created 'Club 13' in attempts to disprove the bad luck linked to Friday the 13th. The club would always meet on the 13th day of the month. 

Tattoo by: Heather Autum

A few unfortunate events have taken place on Friday the 13th, including a flood in Kansas, the Civil War Crisis, and a blizzard in Buffalo. 

Tattoo by: Stephanie Nuzzolilo

Friday the 13th has been around for decades and decades, some say it even goes back to biblical times and we know this superstition will live on for other generations. But hey, here's an upside: many tattoo shops will have special $13 dollar flash and tattoo events. 

Tattoo by: Anna Gabrielle

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