Here's Five Actresses that Almost Portrayed Captain Marvel

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A pilot, Kreed Warrior, and all around badass, Captain Marvel was recently released in theatres all over the world...and it was glorious. This is a spoiler-free zone so no worries there, but instead we bring you five actresses that had a shot at wearing the red and blue suit. 
5. Natalie Dormer
British actress Natalie Dormer, commonly known for her role on Game of Thrones, could've been Carole Danvers. She was trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London after all. Could you see her as a superhero? Comment below.
4. Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde was brilliant in the medical drama, House and she was arguably the best part of the thriller, The Lazarus Effect but when it came to this role she didn't feel confident about it. In an interview, she admitted to being a little apprehensive about taking on the role due to the large fan base and possible criticism she might receive. We can see where she's coming from with that, Marvel fans have high expectations and rightfully so considering how awesome the films typically are. 
3. Emily Blunt
Devil Wears Prada, A Quiet Place, The Girl on the Train, and most recently Marry friggin Poppin's actress, Emily Blunt, was seriously considered to suit up for this film. In past films, she has shown an impressive emotional range and has a very convincing American accent so we would've been down to see her as Captain Marvel. But alas, due to a scheduling conflict had to pass up the role. (We do think Brie Larson was meant to play Captain Marvel and if you're reading this Brie, you're awesome).
2. Charlize Theron
We know Charlize is capable of transforming into any role...take for example Monster where she was completely unrecognizable. Also we saw she's capable of kicking ass in the film Atomic Blonde & Mad Max, what do you think about a possible Captain Charlize Theron? Comment below.
1. Bryce Dallas Howard
With the Jurassic World films under her belt we know Bryce Dallas Howard can be an amazing leading lady in an action film. Oh, and she's a huge fan of Marvel! In a previous interview, when asked about possibly portraying Captain Marvel not only did she say yes, she went on to explain how much she loved the previous storylines and characters. 
What did you think of this list? Which actress were you most surprised about? Comment below!
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  • Margaery!!!! 😀

  • Olivia Wild should be Jessica Jones!!

  • Emily would be cool

  • BRYCE 🔥

    Lisa DeBolt

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