He-Man Was Released 32 Years Ago Today

He-Man is a widely recognized superhero with a series of comic books and several animated television series, including the movie, Masters of the Universe which was released to theatres over 30 years ago today. Below check out some behind the scenes facts and awesome ink. 

Cover art by: Lethal Droid

Did the backgrounds look a bit familiar? Well, for the miniature shots set on earth, the special effects team reused several buildings left over from the productions of Blade Runner and Ghostbusters! 

Tattoo by: Christian Hernandez


The production company used for Masters of the Universe (Cannon films) almost created a Spider-Man movie instead.

Tattoo by: Mike Lewis 

Sylvester Stallone visited the set of the film and upon discovering Lundgren had been given a part that required extensive talking in English, he turned to an executive on hand and asked, “You gave that guy dialogue?”

Tattoo by: Megan T Burnett

This is one of the first movies that included a post-credit sequence with Skeletor saying, "I'll Be Back!"

Tattoo by: David Mühlbauer

Frank Langella took the role of Skeletor because his four-year-old son loved He-Man.

Tattoo by: Tfrain Tattoos


This movie was not based on the popular cartoon, it was actually an adaptation of the toys, which depicted He-Man as more of a barbarian and had different set-ups to the story.

Tattoo by: Alex Strangler

Before starring in the television series, Friends, Courteney Cox played the role of Julie Winston and Christine Pickles played the Sorceress. Pickles would later play her mother, Judy.

Tattoo by: Piero Tat-twin

The Power and the Honor Foundation is dedicated to preserving the work of artists who helped define the He-Man franchise (formed in 2010). 

Tattoo by: Chris Morris


Skeletor was King Randor's brother, (meaning he's He-Man's uncle) In the 2002 cartoon, Keldor tried to throw acid on his brother's face, but Randor deflected it back on to him, giving Keldor his visible skull. Keldor only survived the injury with Hordak's help, after promising to serve the evil conqueror.

Tattoo by: Anthony Lennox

If you watch all 100 + episodes of He-Man you will not once catch He-Man ever actually harming any living creature — seriously! He uses his sword for cutting obstacles or blocking. And he mostly grabs opponents and throws them somewhere, like in a barrel, a puddle of mud, water, etc. 

Tattoo by: Ronnie Hicks



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