Happy National Pet's Day, Here's Some Animal Inspired Tatts

It is April 11th and we know what that means, National Pet's day! So buy your dog a new bone, your cat a new scratching post, and enjoy these pet inspired tattoo pieces!
Here's a tattoo every-bunny can enjoy. Would you get this piece? Comment below! Tattoo by: Dal Riada Tattoos
What's better than one cat? Two! Making this the purrfect piece for a cat lover. Are you cats over dogs? Comment below! Tattoo by: Little Gold Studio
This tattoo perfectly captures the actual dog it was inspired by! Tattoo by: Adrienn Kern
These colors really enhance the piece. And those details are fetching! Tattoo by: Maks Kornev
It's National pet day?! No kitten! This cat tattoo has got us saying meo-wow. Tattoo by: Ilary Bell
This tattoo has a hint of elegance with flowers complimenting this pup's smirk. Tattoo by: Ricardo Di Paulla
This dog tattoo has been brought to life with a cartoon element, we love the uniqueness in this piece. Tattoo by: Diego Esteban
We love the colors used in this piece, there's a realness and fun fiction to this piece. What do you think? Comment below. Tattoo by: Maria Camila Echavarría
This puts a cool spin on a portrait tattoo, combining one awesome element with another. Tattoo by: Emily Thomas
How adorable is that bowtie? This is one dapper cat. Would you get a tattoo of your pet all dolled up? Comment below! Tattoo by: Jason, JM Ink
Every dog has his day, and today we celebrate amazing pet tattoo pieces like this one. Tattoo by: Teo, Mateo Lopez Tattoo
This is adorable and incredibly realistic. Tattoo by: Matthew Vong

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