Happy National Astrology Day, Here's Some Universally Awesome Tattoos

Happy National Astrology Day! Today is recognized by astrologers as the official first day of the astrological year. Here's our gallery to commemorate this day. Some of these tattoos are beautifully simplistic, while others are wildly elaborate. Enjoy! And comment your favorite one below. 


Tattoo by: Laura Martinez

Tattoo by: Loren Crawley

Tattoo by: Mindful Tattooing

Tattoo by: Long Story Tattoo


Tattoo by: Marie Roura


Tattoo by: Five Sirens Tattoo


Tattoo by: Yuki

Tattoo by: Studio Stuttgart

Tattoo by: Alev Sari


Tattoo by: Marek Hali

Tattoo by: Jess Pereira

Tattoo by: Daria Stahp

Tattoo by: Akul ćimot

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  • Love these all

    Luke Glen

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