Happy Bugs Bunny Day! Here's Some Tattoos Fur You

Cover painting by: Carlos Pun Online

Today is Bugs Bunny Day! Why? Back in 1938, a cartoon character known as the "Happy Rabbit" made his on-screen debut in a Warner Brother's short film. This same bunny would one day transform into the fun-loving, mischievous Bugs Bunny we know today. Today is the anniversary so here are some awesome Bugs Bunny-inspired tattoos. 

This tattoo is giving us a serious case of nostalgia. Space Jam was one of the gems in the mid-'90s. What do you think about this tattoo? Comment below!

Tattoo by: Brian Della Constanza


He did it for the carrot. Does this tattoo turn your pupils into hearts? Comment below.

Tattoo by: Yume

The infamous line, "what's up doc?" What's your favorite Bugs Bunny quote? Tell us below. 

Tattoo by: Daria 


This tattoo features Bugs alongside his leading lady, Lola Bunny. 

Tattoo by: Fields Tattoo


Awe, baby bugs! Do you think he was starting trouble since day one? Start a chat with us below.

Tattoo by: Eduard

Recognize the group behind Bugs Bunny? Who is your favorite member of this crew? Comment. Below.

Tattoo by: Christos Galiropoulos


This shows a more elegant side of our prankster pal, Bugs. Do you like this style? Tell us in the comments.

Tattoo by: Alex Berger


The colors in this piece really bring Bugs to life.

Tattoo by: Paul Art Tattoo

When we think of Bugs Bunny, this is exactly how we picture him.

Tattoo by: Ilhanbilir


That's the end of this gallery! Did we miss your Bugs Bunny tattoo? Stop by our submissions tab and submit your tattoo, until then...that's all folks!

Tattoo by: Margheritti Evita





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  • Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played girl bunny?

    Garth Algar

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