Five Strange Tattoo Laws

All over the world, there are different guidelines for what is and isn't accepted. Here are just a few tattoo laws that will catch you by surprise. Which law did you find the weirdest? Comment below!


5. A Hands-on Law

Denmark, known for their impressive castles and Viking history, created an oddly specific tattoo law. In 1966 they decided to ban tattoos on the hands. 

4. The Eyes Have it

According to the National Conference of State Legislature, Georgia Law states that it is "unlawful to tattoo within an inch of the eye socket."

3. Dr. Tattoo

South Korea has laws that restrict tattooing from being done by anyone except for a licensed doctor. 

2. Keep it Covered

Tattooing in Dubai is currently illegal and tattoos have to be covered in public.

1. I do...Want a Tattoo

In Iowa, the law indicates someone can get a tattoo under the age of 18, but only if you’re married. How badly do you not want to wait? This is a weird way to make two life-changing decisions in one day. 

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