Five Celebrities that Regret Their Tattoo

5. Amy Schumer

Comedian, Amy Schumer, is very honest about her lower back tattoo. She even named her book The Girl With The Lower Back TattooShe's not the biggest fan of this tattoo, even going as far as using the hashtag #yesiknowmytattoosucks on her Instagram, but we respect her openness. 


4. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most down to Earth and relatable celebrities out there. She had a spur of the moment tattoo experience with co-star Liam Hemsworth. She still wears the H20 symbol near her thumb. Check out this link by clicking here to find out the story behind her inkspiration.


3. Megan Fox

Back in the earlier 2000's actress, Megan Fox, got a pretty major tattoo of the iconic Marilyn Monroe's portrait on her back. According to an interview she was over it by 2011. She opened up about why she chose to have this tattoo removed, click here to find out the surprising reason why.


2. Justin Bieber

It's crazy to think this once 12-year-old Canadian Youtuber is now not only an adult but an adult who is nearly covered in tattoos. Among his tattoos, there's an old tattoo he got of his ex's face, the well-known singer/actress, Selena Gomez. The Biebs tried to cover this up with shading but it's still widely recognized. Wanna know more about this? Click here. 


1. Ben Affleck

Type in Ben Affleck's name and right under Ben Affleck Batman, you'll find Ben Affleck back tattoo. Yes, the tattoo he once claimed to be fake for a movie role is as real as french toast and it's pretty hard to miss. You can check out this article about Ben's good friend, Matt Damon defending his bold choice to keep this tattoo: click here.



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