Endgame is Coming: Here's Tattoos & Predictions

Cover image artwork done by: Rich Hennemann
Endgame is here! It's the continuation we've been waiting for and to celebrate we bring you awesome Marvel inspired tattoos and a few of our predictions. We like our movies without spoilers so please refrain from commenting any! Feel free to comment on your favorite tattoo or character. Do you have an awesome Marvel tattoo? Head over to our "get featured" section and submit it.
1. It will start out with a very depressing tone
If you've seen Infinity War (and we're guessing by now you have) you know a lot of our favorite characters are...dust in the wind, so to speak. With this movie picking up where that one left off, it will obviously not start as a "feel good" flick. Even if it's been years later our characters are still mourning, so emotionally prepare for that.
Tattoo by: Kirsten Pettitt
2. Jumping Ahead
Even though we're ready for an immediate pick up from where the last one ended, it probably won't be so. By looking at Black Widow's much longer hair and Hawk Eye's bold new do (and new ink) we have to assume it's been at least three years, if not more! 
Tattoo by: Alex Rattray
3. Finding Thanos
So Thanos seems hard to miss in a crowd, but that dude essentially can be anywhere...now he has free range of time, space, and reality. We have to expect that even though the Avengers are ready to fight him, it doesn't mean he'll be exactly where they want him. 
Tattoo by: Anthony Nine
4. One Cool Cat
Heroes can come from many surprising places, including a scratching post or litter box. Captain Marvel has this cat, but it's not exactly you're average feline. Though Goose, Captain Marvel's cat, looks harmless he's actually an alien species known as a Flerken. We're guessing Goose will help out the team, in between napping, of course. 
Tattoo from Revival Tattoo Studio
5. Thor gets the girl
One movie preview dropped and no one was asking, "where's Jane?" We're pretty sure Thor is single and Captain Marvel is ready to mingle. Even though the trailer was roughly three minutes long, viewers could already sense the chemistry between these two.  
Tattoo by: Peter Hilger
6. Sacrifices 
There's a bit of a trend in these Marvel movies...someone dies! Nothing pulls on the heartstrings more than a hero that sacrifices himself to save the world, so we're 99 percent sure this will happen. 
8. Going back
There's a crazy theory circulating that we're starting to get behind: Captain America will return to 1942. Maybe, just maybe the only way to beat Thanos is to go back to the very beginning...this would be a crazy way to end the movie, but it's not an impossible idea considering the Time stone. (Maybe he'll even stay back in the '40s). 
Tattoo by: London Reese
 Written by: Olivia Edens


  • Wow “Vinny” if that’s your real name, it’s a good thing you don’t work for Freshly because lying is probably a Fireable offense.

  • Ant-Man dies at the end.

  • I want all these tattoos, sick!!

  • Best movie EVER!!!

    Ron W

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