Dark Phoenix Comes Out This Weekend: Here's Tattoos & Predictions

The time has come, the highly anticipated Dark Phoenix film comes out this weekend and we are totally geeking out. This addition to the X-Men movies will focus on Jean Grey, one of the most powerful mutants ever created in the Marvel comics. So, here are a few of our predictions for this movie and some awesome tattoos. Feel free to comment on your favorite tattoo or prediction, but please respect our no spoilers rule; this is predictions only. 

The Domino Effect

So anyone who has watched the original X-Men movies knows Raven, a.k.a Mystique chooses Magneto over Professor X and goes to the dark side, maybe we'll catch the beginning of her transformation in this film as well. Jean Grey is basically taken over by her growing abilities and maybe this will influence Raven, we'll see! 

Tattoo by: Eric Machado



They Got 99 problems and Jean won't be the only one.

The Dark Phoenix's main problem might be figuring out what to do about Jean, but that won't be the only challenge facing the X-Men. We have a feeling that another part of the plot will be the team having to go against another evil, another villain. Who (or what) do you think it'll be? Comment below!


Tattoo by: K.B Tattoo

Bring tissues, it's going to be an emotional ride

One thing these movies are famous for is killing off one of our favorite characters. Sources have indicated it could be Mystique who maybe gets too close to Jean and doesn't make it to the end, but we think it could be another unexpected character. Who do you predict? Comment below!

Tattoo by: Dijah

Get Ready for new spotlights

We've seen a lot of attention on Mystique, Professor X, and Magneto. This movie is a chance to see more of the side characters, including Storm, Psylocke, and Quick Silver; in fact, these characters might play a bigger part in defeating the Dark Phoenix. Do you agree? Comment Below!

Tattoo by: Conspiracy tattoo

The Never-ending Jean

The Phoenix, according to comics, can't be destroyed. So we're thinking in some way we'll see Jean again in future movies and we hope she won't come back to destroy our favorite X-Men members. Let us know your own predictions below and if you have an awesome X-Men tattoo stop by our submissions page and post it, we'd love to add it to this blog!

Tattoo by: Inkstitution Tattooing

Written by: Olivia Edens


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