We're All Alright - Celebrating Ashton Kutcher's Bday with That '70s Show Tattoos

 Ashton Kutcher got his big break on the popular throwback sitcom, That '70s Show. (Currently streaming on Netflix, by the way). Little did he know he'd end up meeting his future wife, Mila Kunis, on set and now he's become one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood. Today is his Birthday so we put together a few tattoos and fast facts about the Iowa native. 

Aside from being an actor (and former model) Kutcher also established an international human rights organization with his then-wife, Demi Moore, to eliminate child sex slavery worldwide. In 2012 they renamed the foundation THORN: Digital Defenders of Children. 

Tattoo by: Joshua Mackay

He almost got to say, "I am Batman," but the role eventually went to Christian Bale. 

Tattoo by: Beth Glass

He was the first Twitter account to receive 1 million followers.

Tattoo by: Marie Scherping Martin

He was one of the few celebrities to ride the 'Virgin Galactic Spaceship-Two.' Others included Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie. Wouldn't that have been an interesting movie?!

Tattoo by: Shamus Mahannah

Ashton Kutcher is very close to his fraternal twin brother, Michael. In fact, Kutcher enrolled at the University of Iowa in August 1996 and planned to major in biochemical engineering, because he wanted to find a cure for his brother’s heart ailment.

Tattoo by: Marina G Melomo


Actor, producer, business owner, model, family man, prank expert. Is there anything Kutcher can't do? Tell us which tattoo or fact you liked the most by commenting below!

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