Burning Questions in the Tattoo World

Are there any special considerations for folks over 40 getting new tattoos?

Yes, better late than never.

What is the most important thing people forget about getting a tattoo?

To tip the artist.

Does a tattoo hurt?

Nooooo; well, yes. It depends on each person’s pain tolerance and the pain is worth it. Just take breaks if you need to.

Will you regret your tattoos?

A tattoo is essentially a souvenir, it reminds you of where you were in life at the time you got that particular piece. You can’t regret something that meant something to you in that moment. And if you got a tattoo because you were drunk or not really thinking about it, you can get it covered up with something that’s adapted to who you are now; or keep it and remember you had a good time. Some people will tell you tattoos are stupid, but really each tattoo only has to mean something to you; not to people around you.  

If you have tattoos can you only date other people with tattoos?

This is like asking if you have freckles can you only date people with freckles? Or, you have blonde hair does that mean you can only date other blondes? You’re looking for a significant other; not a twin. Obviously, don’t date someone who hates tattoos and won’t accept you the way you are but you don’t have to limit yourself to only dating other tattooed people.

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