Summer Vibe Tattoo and Arts Festival


Catch the Vibe

There was one main theme fueling the Summervibe show and that vibe was sweet nostalgia. There’s a science behind why we thrive on reliving certain aspects of our adolescence. Some of us are even nostalgic for an era we weren’t necessarily apart of because it’s arguably the greatest era of all time: the 80’s. Summervibe was built around the idea of that rad time of fanny packs, brightly colored clothes, and Robert De Niro. So we went to Long Island, New York to hear good music, see cool stuff, and celebrate amazing tattoos and the artists behind them.

People are Strange

We’re all unique in our own way, especially the entertainment crew known as the Coney Island FreakShow. We saw things we never thought were possible! For those who might feel incredulous to Freak Shows, this one was the real deal. Reality was tested as we saw a man swallow a large sword. Want to be a part of the show? This was an interactive experience and a few brave audience members were brought on stage to participate in the magic. The best part was that it’s constant entertainment, from the second they get on stage to the moment they exit. 

Ready Player One Does anything sound more appealing than escaping your ordinary life for a few hours and diving into the unknown? Virtual reality, for those who might live under a rock, is a computer-generated simulation and allows gamers to interact in a seemingly real environment. Summervibers were hooked on this new wave of gaming all weekend long!


Break it down now

All weekend long there were break dancers walking around and dancing for the attendees. They evoked passion with their quick movements, it was impressive and slightly obscure at the same time. You definitely had to take a step back because they do flips and tricks like Jackie Chan if he was a break dancer.  

Wild Bill

Everybody gravitated towards the awesome beverages of Wild Bill. Wild Bill’s is veteran owned and operated. All weekend we could indulge in Blazing Black Cherry, Outlaw Orange Cream, Rocky Mountain Root Beer & Vintage Vanilla Cream!

Getting Salty

During the weekend artist, Chris Carlson worked diligently on a “salt” masterpiece. It took roughly 48 hours, but when it was finished we were in awe over what he could do with this mere mineral!

We’re with the band

Judas Priestess is one of the few all-girl Tribute bands dedicated to the Metal Gods. With MilitiA on vocals, Josette on lead guitar, Rena Sans on guitar, Gyda Gash on bass, and Hillary Blaze on drums they all come together to create metal magic. These critically acclaimed, leather and chain-clad ladies are a rock phenomenon. The crowd was on their feet and practically entranced by the band’s talent.

Thanks for the Memories

We are nothing without you, the readers and the attendees. The weekend was a blast, full of awards, the symphony of tattoo machines, and the entertainment. We hope to see you all at our next show, and until then...where we’re going, we don’t need roads!


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