Freshly Inked Interview with Victoria Todd, Artistic Needle

Victoria Todd's tattoos are amazingly detailed and full of depth. She's also the owner of Artistic Needle Tattoo. We had a chance to talk with Victoria about her studio, her personal style, and her advice for artists. Enjoy the interview below!

How would you describe the atmosphere at your tattoo studio? What can clients expect as they walk in for the first time?

The shop has an urban artsy vibe with a warm and inviting atmosphere. I want people to feel the way I would want to feel, I don’t want them to feel like a ‘number’ or a business transaction, I want them to know we care and make time for them to guide them on this tattoo adventure that will last forever, not only on their skin but also in memory. I want people to feel at home when they’re with us in my shop and I think we manage to give that feeling to our clients!

How do you balance tattooing and running your own tattoo shop?

I don’t haha no I’m kidding. I do find it hard to find a healthy balance between tattooing and being the owner of the shop. As much as I love being an entrepreneur, growing starting something new. My heart is always the artist, so it's hard to balance both, my mind and heart are always doing something different, working overtime. For me, peace and balance came with my shop manager who needs no words from my end to know what needs to be done and understand how my mind and heart work.

What's your advice for other artists that want to one day open their own shop?
Make sure you establish a good portfolio with a clientele, that’s already enough for a private studio. If you want to run a shop with more artists make sure you make connections with other artists! 
And if you want to keep your sanity get a good shop manager!
What do you think the key to success is for tattoo artists?

If you don’t have the passion for tattooing or if you lose it somewhere along the way then what’s the point?
You won't excel at something your not passionate about, because you won't be willing to push yourself to do better and keep learning.
For the full interview with Victoria stay tuned for our next issue of Freshly Inked magazine! Until then, check out her Instagram: Victoriatoddarttt

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  • Luv her tattooz and her hair! 😍

    Sophie Turner

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