Freshly Inked Interview with Val Riabova

What shop do you currently tattoo out of?
 Artfaktors in Germany 
What's the most recent tattoo you've given someone? 
The pirate-themed upper arm in color with a female portrait.
You've done pop culture tattoos from movies like Avatar and A Clockwork Orange, what is one of your favorite movies? 
The Poughkeepsie tapes, Nymphomaniac, L’amant double, and some others. I don’t really like movies. And I never watch anything alone just for fun with a company. I'm not interested somehow in all the pop movies, I like heavy ones, psychological and a bit crazy, depressive and full of atmosphere, realistic.
Do you have any TV/Movie themed tattoos?
 My fav devil tattoo on the upper arm, but I didn’t watch the movie before I got it. I just liked the picture.
When you're tattooing someone are you more on the talkative side or the quiet and focused type?
 I feel some people easy to talk to but very, very seldom. I speak more with colleagues that’s why I don’t like to work alone.
Some people complain about a tattoo fading over time, what's your advice on how to keep a tattoo looking good? 
The tattoo artist has to know the rules for that. That’s the most important. Right colors, right size, right aftercare, right skin for your style.
What do you consider the most important step in tattooing? 
I appreciate the creature of right volume and the atmosphere the most.
What other artists have you gotten to work with?
 I was working with a lot of good artists. There is even too many names to say, some made a big influence of course, good and bad even.
Are there moments when it's challenging to work around male clients or male artists?
 It’s good, I like to be in this kind of environment.
Do you believe that a tattoo can bring someone luck?
 No :) but can influence his self-opinion a bit for a short time, I guess.
How has social media affected your career, more positively or negatively?
Have you ever received negative comments on Instagram?
 Yes, I hear too much of rumors about myself but positive things are much more important at the moment.
If you could tattoo any woman in history who would it be and what tattoo would you give her?
 I'd tattoo myself haha ;) I enjoy the behavior of some women but I really don’t have any in mind now. I like more some male characters from the past or present. Even when it comes to music, science, or arts.
What is your definition of a strong female? 
I see a strong woman looking mentally much more like a man, calm, concentrated, serious, smart, unstoppable. 
Who is a strong female you admire in real life or on TV? 
No one exactly🤷🏻‍♀ I didn’t have a chance maybe to know someone well enough. I'd answer much easier about male persons :)

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