Freshly Inked Interview with Owen Paulls


Adam Barnett and the one outside is Raymond Andrew

What's one challenge to being a tattoo artist most people don't know?

One of the biggest challenges for me has been learning how to tattoo to the same standard of work, anywhere in the world. Different climates produce a variety of skin types, so it’s important to know how to counteract your tattooing to the location you’re in that week!

What keeps you inspired?

I’m an energy person for sure!
I have recently been lucky enough to get to work alongside awesome artists at black anchor in Hollywood. The whole studio is set out like an art gallery and the paintings on display are always changing. It’s really inspiring to work in that environment. Plus everyone is positive and really driven, which helps allot too!

What style of tattooing do you focus on?

I would say my style is mostly realism. I love doing animation and portrait tattoos, but I’m not sure I fit just one style!
Disney-ism? Is that a thing?!

You've done a lot of awesome pop culture pieces, like Star-Lord, who is a fictional character you relate to the most and why?

Star-lords a good one! I love any underdog story when it comes to movies! Anything that shows achievement through perseverance, I’m in.
So I suppose in the Disney world, I’d be more of a buzz or a Luke for all you Star Wars fans!

What's your experience been like tattooing in California?

It’s been great! Everyone’s been really welcoming!
On the whole, the American and British culture is much the same, but with some differences! It is hard to get good tea but I can now find amazing Mexican food anywhere!

You've also done a lot of epic Disney tattoos if you could live in a fictional Disney place from any movie what would you choose and why?

I would choose the island of Motunui from Moana! Sun, sea, surf, it has it all! Just the right mix of calm and tranquil, until Maui, messes it all up again with his thievery!
But also a condo in corona from tangled, for when it’s the monsoon season back home!

Lastly, what do you hope to accomplish in 2020?

2019 was a big push for me, establishing my tattooing in LA. I also I discovered painting, which I love!
2020 is going to be very much focused on pushing the Disney portraits still, but also working on my painting education so I can start to display my work in public :)

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