Freshly Inked Interview with Marina Avtonomova

How did you start in the tattoo industry? 
By education, I'm an engineer programmer. I worked as a furniture designer, it turned out so I lost my job. All day long I was sitting with my husband in the studio, after which I began to study tattooing.
What motivates you the most to succeed? 
The desire to be somebody, the desire to please people who come to me, the desire to justify their expectations and not let them down.
How has your tattoo style changed over time? 
First when I came into the tattoo industry my husband said at first I must do easy, small tattoos before I could work on people's faces. So, I just did tribal and lettering, but I always wanted to do more, and step by step my work grew.
Do you have a lot of tattoos yourself. Do you see yourself getting more tattoos? 
I have many tattoos at this moment, because we live from moment to moment and make tattoos from ours feelings. So I'm sure soon much better ideas for myself will be born. I want to see on my body different moments and memories of my life.
And yes! I think after 10-15 years I will be full body.

What do you like using when it comes to colored ink and healing?
Of course best ink ever World Famous and H2ocean products for healing.
What's a style of tattoo that you enjoy and why?
I love portraits, doesn’t matter animal or human it’s always interesting always unique. 
Where was your favorite location tattoo? 
In Russia I like to work because it's my home, with my people. In Belgium it's different, it's easy. People always listen to the artist. In Switzerland people are very friendly and kind. In America there's cool ideas and friendly people. So, everywhere is cool. I enjoy it, I enjoy every customer and every moment.
Have you made a lot of new friendships by traveling and tattooing?
Yes, I think it’s my favorite part of my job. I’m so happy, I have friends around the world I love them all and miss a most. 
What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?
Family time. But I work all the time. If I not tattooing I on a plane to convention, or preparing design, or work in other shop. 
As a female artist, how do you think the tattoo industry is changing and growing?
It’s changing so fast. It feels like when I wake up in a morning I'm waking up in a new world. And I love it, I love that this industry is non stop, I like all new. Sometimes it’s not easy because I’m a Grandma inside, but I want try everything to make my works better. 

Who's the other female artist or influence that inspires you?
Valentina Ryabova impress me like an artist and like a woman she is very talented, Antonia troshina, and many male tattoo artists.

What are your goals for your future? 
Travel more and be a good artist!

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