Freshly Inked Interview with Lena Diamanti

Lena Diamanti uses impeccable realism in her tattoos. She's unlocked many achievements with her multi-dimensional pieces and has become a strong influence in the industry. She told us about her travels and her advice for future artists. To see more from Lena check her out in the second Women's Issue of Freshly Inked Magazine!

How long have you been tattooing and where do you currently tattoo?
I have been tattooing for 3.5 years professionally. At the moment I am on tour in Europe so I work on many different tattoo shops all over the world. 
You are scheduled to travel to Germany, Athens, Berlin, and more. Do you enjoy traveling and tattooing? What's a favorite experience you have had on the road?
If I didn't love something like this it would not be possible to make it... at the moment it has been 3 months that I have been traveling from city to city and country to country and I have seen so many places that I can't even pronounce the names right! (Hahahaha) I really love to make art and leave it on different canvases all over the world. It is something that fascinates me! And I feel that somehow a piece of my soul from every art that I had made is everywhere... one of my favorite experiences was when we were in Denmark and my manager books me an appointment in Sweden but we didn't check how far it was. (When we travel for us 50km or 500km is the same.) And after our appointment was finished we had to be in Hagen, Germany to participate in a convention that they invited me as a special guest, but the problem was that we travel in a car... so we drove 17 hours to be at the convention. Now that I am telling that I am not sure if was my favorite experiences but for sure is an experience that will never erase from my mind. 

How did you decide to focus on realism?
I can never remember trying to draw anything other than realistic designs. I had a natural inclination and I was keen on that style of drawing. I always feel fascinated when I start to make shades and strive for a realistic result. I was never fond of geometrical or any other style, to be honest. Sometimes I feel more that this style chose me and not the opposite.
What's the most recent tattoo you did?
The last design that I did was on a convention in Germany. I made a different approach to a portrait of Marilyn Monroe inspired from a lot of different styles and I was lucky enough to win 1st place best of day and 2nd place best realistic. 

Do you think you'll get more tattoos yourself? How many tattoos do you have?
I have only two tattoos but I am planning to make a full arm sleeve as soon as possible.

Seeing as this is the women's issue, who is an inspirational woman in your life or another artist whose work you like?
I have two women artists that I really like their works. The first one is a Russian young woman that I find her some days ago on socials and she makes really amazing realistic works, her name is Natasha but I can't remember her last name (sorry for that) and a second woman that I really like is Sam Barber. 
And what's your favorite thing about being an artist and a challenge?
The most challenging aspect to deal with is to incorporate the feelings and the emotions that every client makes me the honor to trust me. Into a unique design that satisfies their deepest desires. It is an important process and responsibility as the client trust a part of his soul to be converted into living art that he will care it until the end of the time. This is the hardest yet most fulfilling part of this job.

Any funny/strange stories from the tattoo shop? What's the weirdest thing you've been asked to tattoo? Have you ever had to say no to a tattoo request?
I work only with artistic freedom and I never do the same project twice so when someone wants something really specific or something that I can't see myself doing it I don't accept them. I believe there is no such thing as a weird tattoo for me is all about art and art has no boundaries. But when you ask me that question an image from a girl stuck in my head, I made her two small designs; the first one was a slice of pizza and the second one was a small cupcake on her buttock.

Compared to the beginning of your career how much would you say your work or technique has changed?
Compare my first steps my technique has nothing the same. I believe that is something totally normal through the years and the continuous practice and experiments. You achieve a point that you can understand what works best for you and your style of tattooing. So you can keep what it works and understand what it doesn't so you can eliminate it.

And what's your advice to other artists on how to have their work stand out or break into the tattoo industry?
The most invaluable advice that I can give is something that my mentor always says, you can be the hardest worker on Earth but if you don't work smart you can achieve nothing! Work hard and smart. Have a laser line focus on your goals and your vision. Then there is nothing impossible that can not be possible! 

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