Freshly Inked Interview with Kévin Plane

Photos by Charly Pn

Kévin Plane's artwork takes opposite elements and brings them together to create amazing illustrations. In his portfolio, you'll see some of your favorite cartoons, like Garfield or Big Mouth. 

The first time you picked up a pencil, were you instantly in love with drawing? Or is it something you had to work at?
The first time I picked up a pencil was a long time ago about more than 20 years when I was a kid I tried to draw Jurassic Park Dino, it was not very easy for me but I practiced it.

What attracts you to using dark colors? 
I always like using dark colors because my soul is full of Darkness...(hahaha) I often use some black ink for all my drawings and tattoos cause I learned like this and I think it's more interesting for contrasts. 

Who is a big influence for you? I have a lot of influences in tattooing like Lea Nahon, Anrijs Straume, Xoil, Toko Loren...all my spiritual masters.

What's a lesson or piece of advice you have gotten from another artist? Sad Amish taught me how to put contrasts in my drawings cause, in the beginning, it was so difficult for me. My sensei, Raphael Masin, taught me how to do solid and clean lines in my tattoos. 

Favorite piece you have done and why? 
One of my favorite piece I've done is on my friend's back, Mathieu! It's a huge skeleton. It was my first back piece and he trusted me and gave me the opportunity to make it; we made it in 4 sessions of 4 hours in total. I really love this one cause the is a lot of textures and details inside.

Has your artwork been featured on other platforms like t-shirts? 
We are making some t-shirts with a textile brand named THINK THANK Paris, I am very happy about this, we are gonna produce them very soon.

From the beginning of your career did you always draw pop culture pieces?  
From the beginning of my career when I was a young apprentice I made some Pokemon flashes for free for my entertainment. I made cartoons, videogames tatts, and creepy ones, they remind me my childhood.
For the full interview check out the Pop Takeover issue of Freshly Inked Magazine!

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