Freshly Inked Interview with Ash Boss

 Freshly Inked Magazine interviewed with the awesome Ash Boss, enjoy the interview below! 

I've been tattooing for 8 years and did a shop manager job before that. I work out of Crown of thorns in Chester, UK. 

 What's an everyday challenge?

I'd say make people's ideas into a design and constantly coming up with new ideas and designs on a daily basis with specializing in dotwork/geometry you do a lot of the same style and designs of coming up with new mandalas or patterns is a constant challenge.

 Where do you find inspiration for new pieces?

I take ideas and inspiration from anything I can really but most the time I kinda just comes to me I design everything on the day so you end up with that one-off design that I came up with there and then at that moment could ask for the same thing the day before n ended up with something completely different it seems to work for me.

What style do you focus on?

My style is dotwork and geometric mainly with a bit of blackwork now and then. I came across this style a while ago never really thought about trying it I just wanted it tattooed on me at the time I was looking at work by Jondix, Thomas Hooper, Zed, Thomas Thomas etc and I got really into it then one day a client bought a mandala reference in and I thought I'll give it a go and that started it all never looked back.

Do you prefer tattooing in one place or traveling?
I love traveling n guesting as much as possible I'm away as much as I'm at home it's one thing I love about my work

What do you love most about being an artist?
I guess the freedom and the fact people. Want your work on their body's that something I'm always thankful for. I love that I can travel and work n meet new people all the time both other artist and clients

See more from Ash Boss: @ashbosstattoo

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