Why is everyone freaking out over the new FDA regulations?

FDA is making stricter regulations on cosmetic Factories. Tattooing falls under cosmetic guidelines. We at Freshly Inked Magazine are ready! I am not so sure why everyone is freaking out that regulations on manufacturing will end tattooing. It may make stricter guidelines and be sure tattoo ink manufacturers are on top of their game. It’s not a bad thing! They are asking us to have ISO, so we can easily track any issues, we knew eventually we would all need this.
We are ahead of the game as we are working as an ISO facility already, we just need to finalize our ISO inspections. We all need to have accountability. This is the future of tattooing. Europe is a different story, they are not worried about manufacturing, they are banning colors that are most common in tattooing. So far what FDA is asking for is not unreasonable. They want to have the right to inspect our factories and see under confidentiality where our ingredients are sourced. People are writing stories that cosmetic companies are trying to take us over, and you will have to be a Dr to do a tattoo. Bring proof.
Here is proof of the actual manufacturing Bill from FDA. We think everyone is blowing this way out of proportion! Leave comments with proof, not I heard from so and so!

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  • Thank you for posting this to your website. I’ve seen many comments about this subject, but the internet is like The Enquirer. A little bit of truth with a load of people who want attention sensationalizing rumor as fact. FDA.gov should be everyone’s first search if you have concerns about salacious claims destroying “the industry”.

    Jeremie Miller

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