The Pop Takeover Issue is Here!

They've got it covered

The perfect pair, the odd couple, the two best friends that anybody could have; these are just a few phrases used to describe the partnership between prominent artists, Josh Payne, and Thom Bullman, also known as the cover models of the pop takeover issue. Even though these two are seemingly opposite in every way, they came together to create a studio and a brotherhood. We got to catch up with Thom and Josh and find out how they transformed their friendship into a business and a series of pop culture Q's. The awesome images of Thom and Josh were taken by Dale Schenck, check out more from him at

What's Inside?

Pop culture is the accumulation of the world around us including art, entertainment, comic books, politics, and fashion. In this modern world, we're essentially only seconds away from the next best thing. With that in mind, we put together this pop culture takeover addition. We believe we can break through the commercial culture because it's not about consumption, it's about depth. Inside you'll find pop-inspired pieces by Jay Joree, Lady Chain, Nick Imms, Ruben Barahona, Mashkow, and more!

Tattoo by Ruben Barahona

And for our lovely crafted section check out the trippy and talented, Mimi Choi, stylings of black and grey pro, Kevin Plane, vibrant works of art by Matt Gondek and more!

Work by: Mimi Choi

In-stores now!

We could tell you all about what lies inside this issue of Freshly, but really it's better if you see it for yourself! Where can you find it? We sell through Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Walmart, and of course, right here at


Hey, do you want a chance to be featured? Awesome! We love seeing submissions for our next issue, even if you're not a tattoo artist and you just have an awesome idea for an article or a tattoo you want in our gallery. So, stop by our "Get Featured" tab and submit your tattoo, studio, or idea. We look forward to viewing it! 


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