Our Top Ten Pop Culture Tattoos

We are pop culture. It’s what we see, it’s what we do, it’s often what we get tattooed too. With so many awesome pop culture pieces in the tattooverse, we decided to countdown the most common faces in this genre.


You can’t feed them after midnight but you might find them on your newsfeed. The Gremlins is considered a cult classic and with a status like that it’s not hard to believe a lot of people sport these tattoos. What made Gremlins so groundbreaking was the ability to combine something adorable with something absolutely terrifying, I mean it’s partially responsible for creating the PG-13 rating.

Tattoo by: Krish Trece

9.Dragon Ball Z

This series was inspired by the Chinese novel, Journey to the West, and even the creator of Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama, didn’t realize it would receive such a huge following.

This show captivated the hearts of millions and influenced viewers from all over the world, so don’t be caught by surprise if you see a friend rocking a sweet Piccolo tattoo.

Tattoo by: Dylan Deering


8.Walter White

Walter White started out as a seemingly average man but soon turns into a total badass to support his family after a life-changing diagnosis. Did anyone not binge watch the hell out of this? Sure he wasn’t perfect, he made mistakes, but most people still rooted for him. (It doesn’t hurt that he was portrayed by the lovable Bryan Cranston) Ultimately he became a symbol for humanity, an underdog with a twist and for this people will gladly wear a Walter tattoo. Now, what did you guys think of Walters kind of sort of partner, Jesse? Comment below.

Tattoo by: Pony Lawson


Caroline won over the audience with unique characters, each one given their own background stories. And it shows how Caroline stands apart from the other kids around her. Carolina connects fantasy and reality. The movie exhibits the whole “careful what you wish for” thing, but after seeing it you’ll probably be wishing for a Caroline tattoo of your own.

Tattoo by: Estrella Norte

6.Rick & Morty

Rick and Morty represent the ideal combo, like a sweet and salty granola bar. The show has it all: adventure, comedy, heart, and relatable characters, oh, and infinite realities! We cannot begin to tell you how many Pickle Rick tattoo we’ve seen. They are taking over the internet. It’s one of the most referenceable cartoons. Do you feel more like Rick or Morty? Comment below.

Tattoo by: Simon K Bell


5.Jack Skelton

Jack Skelton is surprisingly relatable- I mean, we get distracted by shiny things too. He’s got this childlike curiosity that allowed the audience a feeling of knowing him, the real him… not as this big scary skeleton kids should be afraid of, but a generous fun-loving dude. Oh, and he can sing and act. Is Jack the whole package? Comment below.  

4.Harry Potter

These were the books you stayed up late reading under the covers with a flashlight. And even though the movies took hours to watch, we were on the edge of our seats from beginning credits to end credits. We watched Harry Potter grow up and what better way to show it then with a Hogwarts tattoo? Comment below your favorite Harry Potter character.

Tattoo by: Cori James

3.The Simpsons

30 seasons! 30! The Simpsons still manage to keep it fresh. And they’ve accidentally predicted the future a few times. It’s hard to say if we’ve seen more Homer tattoos or Bart tattoos, along with countless Lisa tattoos and even a few Ned Flanders. The Simpsons are basically the pop culture family and they have been for decades now.

Tattoo by: Marc Durrant

2.The Avengers

With the final Avengers movie coming out this year we are seeing a rush of tattoos themed around them. Some people connect the most with Thor, others Captain America or Iron Man or so on. If loving Marvel is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

Art by: Sam Ding

1.Darth Vader

After hours and hours of Instagram research, we have landed on our number one pop culture face of ink...Darth Vader. He’s had a hard life, so please let him have this. Maybe Darth Vader is more than a man behind a mask, maybe he’s a symbol for adversity. Why do you think Darth Vader tattoos are popular? Comment below.

Tattoo by: Tattooligans

Thanks for checking out our list, tune in for our next countdown. Have a cool idea? Comment below!

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