Our Top Ten Tattoo Destinations

It’s about that time when some will be expecting that tax refund or maybe you just have the vacation time saved up at work...or maybe you’re just saying F it, I need a trip. Here’s a list of top vacation spots and where you can get a tattoo while soaking up the sights and culture.

  1. Honolulu

Nearly 5 million people visited Honolulu last year! Honolulu is known for its stunning scenery, ocean sports, and local food; add to the list tattoos. When you’re not in a top-notch restaurant or exploring the aquarium stop in to get that new tattoo. Oh and there’s an annual Pacific Ink & Art Expo held there every August. Check out the Aloha Tattoo Company, in business for over two decades.

  1. Iceland

Often known as “The Land of Fire and Ice” could this be where you get your next tattoo? Come for the Northern Lights, stay for the ink. Iceland has astonishing glaciers, mountains, and volcanoes. This could be an adventure and what better way to remember the trip then with a tattoo? Stop by The Icelandic Tattoo Corp where they specialize in custom tattoos big or small.   

  1. Berlin

The streets of Berlin are vibrant and you might be surprised by the impressive musical roots there. There have been several songs dedicated to Berlin, including A Great Day for Freedom by Pink Floyd, Zoo Station by U2, and Where are we now by David Bowie. There’s open energy in Berlin paved by the richly diverse society and community-oriented environment. Celebrate the history with a permanent souvenir of the tattooed variety. Check out Dots to lines tattoo located in Kreuzberg, their work is mesmerizing with psychedelic patterns and highly detailed designs.  

  1. Australia

Known as “the outback” or “the bush” Australia has beautiful wildlife, deserts, and the great barrier reef among other things (like possibly some of the most attractive actors we’ve ever seen). Anyway, there’s colorful, traditional, and laidback studios across Sydney and other areas down under. If you find yourself in Sydney Australia go to Hunter & Fox Tattoo Studio, they have unanimously positive client reviews with a retro vibe.

  1. Portland

First off, Portland was rated one of the best places to live in the US. Overall they are a very tattoo-friendly community thriving on innovation and individuality. This is the land where there’s something for everyone: art, books, outdoors. So hop on a bike and ride it down to the tattoo parlor! TigerLily Tattoo is a great place to get a tattoo, they have a rich history, a funky style, and are devoted to providing clients with an excellent experience.

  1. Paris

Paris is a romantic, I mean it is “the city of lights” after all. Come see one of the wonders of the world, the Effiel tower, a symbol of pride and camaraderie. Why not get a tattoo of the Effiel Tower in the same place it resides? Get yourself some ink that will make people say Ooh, La, La. There’s a fabulous studio called Mystery tattoo club and they host walk-in events.

  1. Italy

Italy has amazing art, fashion, food, and Vespas! There’s this Italian charm that’s made to bring out your bolder side. And we’re guessing the Italian adventurer inside of you will feel inspired to get a tattoo. When in Rome...or if in Rome check out Dharma Tattoo, with a variety of styles for the undecided tattoo seeker.

  1. Madrid

This Spanish Capitol is a walk in the park, literally, there’s some of the most beautiful rose-gardens and streets to see. Expand your horizons with an enlightening trip to one of the many museums, taste a Calamari sandwich, and don’t miss The biggest drive-in cinema in Europe. There is such a thing as Tattoo Magic, in fact it is the name of a tattoo shop in Madrid! They offer Traditional, Neo-Traditional, Dotwork, watercolor, realism, traditional Japanese, hyper-realism, geometric, illustrative, and more.

2. Hong Kong

In Hong Kong the sky is the limit..after all, they have the world's largest skyscrapers. Also, prepare for a bargain binge, they have some of the best places for thrifting and finding vintage pieces. And the food is unique and fascinating, we don't know what a Kau Kee Beef Brisket is but we’ve heard great things about it. Check out Star Crossed Tattoo where consultations are free and walk-ins are welcome.

1. London

Part of being a tourist that is frustrating or overwhelming is getting around, but here in London, there are the easiest options for transportation. You’re always close to a garden or some other quiet covered in green patch of paradise. There’s edgy fashion, feel-good music, theatre, pubs, basically something for everyone.  Are you an Inkoholic? That’s okay, we know just the place for you: The London Inkaholics Tattoo Shop (it won’t really fix your addiction, it’s just an awesome place to get a new tattoo by an outstanding artist.) 

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