Lou Rubino: The History Behind the Creator of World Famous Tattoo Ink

Lou Rubino was essentially born into the tattoo world and it’s been his passion from an early age. He is a proud second-generation tattoo artist, learning from his Dad, Lou Senior, right after high school. He grew up around the tattoo parlor drawing and coloring, the same parlor he would one day apprentice in. But even though he was the owner’s son Lou didn't breeze by, he worked diligently seven days a week from 10 am until midnight. Lou has always valued family, getting to first work alongside of his Dad, and has always treated his business like a close-knit family.

He learned early in his career how fast-paced tattooing was. The parlor he tattooed in was mainly a walk-in shop and very high volume. He developed skills in detail by often being requested to conduct the same tattoo several times a day. He was a sought-after artist where he was, but he always had the desire to keep growing, keep expanding his business and develop a strong, dynamic process. He decided to open several parlors on Long Island, New York.

He had an eye for unconventional, innovative ideas. He wanted to provide clients with an experience along with tattoos. So, in 2011 he teamed up with the Long Islander’s Hockey Team and opened up the first Parlor to be located in a professional arena. Also, his shops were named the official tattoo shop of the NY Islanders, the first time a tattoo shop was ever named the official shop of a professional sports team. The people loved it and it was highlighted in hockey news across the globe, and popular publications such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated and the New York Times.

Though this was an amazing high point in his career, he reached even higher by starting a tattoo supply and equipment manufacturing company. One of which is Ultimate Tattoo Supply, an alternative to typical supply companies. Ultimate Tattoo Supply carries highly trusted, universal brands like World Famous Tattoo Ink another one of Lou Rubinos greatest creations. World Famous Tattoo Ink has quickly grown to be an industry standard for top quality in tattoo inks. World Famous Tattoo Inks are also Vegan and Animal Cruelty-Free. Lou also produces Perma Blend products for Permanent Makeup. The amazing revolutionary product that has changed Permanent Makeup for the better!

He knew the struggles of a common artist and sought better tools, machines, and inks for the working tattooist. He wanted to help artists from all across the world and started hosting tattoo conventions to bring them all together. He sponsors artists from multiple countries and established our pro-team.

In his 30 years in the tattoo field, Lou has changed the way people commonly get tattoos. He keeps striving towards new projects and searching for skilled, driven tattooists to join the World Famous Family. The tattoo industry is a non-stop, constantly altering the environment and Lou Rubino doesn’t just keep up with the chaos, he’s always creating fresh objectives and staying ahead of the crowd.

His next endeavor is truly groundbreaking, partnering with Virgin Voyages and opening tattoo parlors on cruise ships. This has never been done before and Lou couldn’t be more proud to be a part of something so unique and extraordinary; to be different, to create ideas that will last a lifetime in the history of tattooing.

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