Happy Mother's Day! These Tattoos are Mom Point

Cover tattoo by Rabbitt Tattoo
Mother's Day is this weekend, so it's time to share some of our favorite Mom inspired tattoos, and to you reading this if you have an awesome tattoo for that special lady in your life (your Mom) and you want a chance to have it included in this, stop by our Get Featured section and submit that sh*t!
What we like most about this piece is the connection it shows between Mother and Child, because really who knows you better than your Mom? And hey, don't forget to comment your favorite video below.
Tattoo by Jenni Liii
This shows a sweet message of appreciation and showing how much you care for your Momma is one of the best gifts you can give them (that is also free).
Tattoo by: Mart Selyn
This piece is really growing on us. What do you think? Comment below!
Lions can be very intimidating, but deep down they are big cats just protecting their kiddos. What do you think of this animal inspired, Mother's Day crossover tattoo? Hit us up!
Tattoo by: Rima Vilko
This is a unique take on a Mother's Day tattoo with a real portrait complimented by some lively colors. Would you get a tattoo of your Mom? Tell us below or if you have one already, submit it under Get Featured! 
Tattoo by: John Barrett

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  • These are so cool 💛 would love for my Mom


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