Freshly's Female Artists to Look out for in 2019

March welcomes women's appreciation day and celebrates the history of awesome, ambitious ladies from all over the world. In honor of this, we have composed a list of a few of our favorite female artists. This list is in no particular order, each woman on it is incredibly talented and highly recommended. 

Kelly Doty:

Kelly Doty is hilarious, kind, and uber talented. What we love the most about Kelly is that she's unique and inspires others to be themselves. Stop by her Instagram page by clicking the link here: @kellydotylovessoup


Miryam, the Witchdoctor:

Miryam Lumpini earned the title of tattoo prodigy starting at just age 17, winning several honors and awards by age 23.



Ryan Ashley:

Ryan Ashley was the first female winner of the popular reality tv show, Ink Master. She currently hosts Ink Angels and is a strong female role model in the industry. 


Amanda Wachob:

Amanda Wachob doesn't just tattoo, she's a gifted painter as well! She puts in tiny details in her pieces and stunning colors.


 Rit Kit:

Rit's whole Instagram shows elegance and liveliness, it's very environmentally influenced and we love it!

 Anna Black:

Anna's work has this magnetic mystery about it. She's one of the best with black and grey work.

 Sarah Miller:

Sarah Miller has an awesome personality, we all basically want to be best friends with her. She's also a pro with ink. She brings her tattoos to life with what can only be called Sarah magic.


 Marina Avtonomova:

Marina is like a tattoo chameleon, she can do it all! She can do realistic faces, adorable animal-inspired pieces, and more. She can make your tattoo dreams a reality.


  Daria Pirojenko:

Daria's work is bold and epic. She combines many elements to put together a single tattoo, she can give you a personalized one of a kind piece.



Jenna Kerr:

Jenna Kerr's classic tattoos extend passed her flawless diamond tattoos; she's done floral, animal inspired, and various complex enchanting creations.



Tea is one of the few artists preserving hand-poked tattoos. Very impressive! 




    Straight from the UK, Suflanda is a tattoo artist that focuses on black and grey pieces. in her portfolio, you will see a few favorite faces such as Fraiser Craine and Bill Murray. 



    Megan Massacre:

      Megan is a multi-dimensional talent that quickly developed a name for herself. Her lively artwork can be described as eerie yet adorable; combining dark elements with bold splashes of color. 



      Sarah Gaugler:

        Sarah's work shows off her fine arts background. Her black and grey work is amazing.




          Krish has some rad 80's inspired pop pieces. She also excels in Neotraditional style. 



          Michela Bottin

            Artist Michela Bottin is a lover of all things Disney and Anime and she shows this in her portfolio. 


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