Four Things to Avoid After a New Tattoo

Here are things to avoid after a new tattoo:

Keep it under wraps
We know the wrapping might make you feel like leftover pasta and it’s not the most comfortable accessory to be sporting but it’s crucial for keeping out any bacteria or airborne particles that could get into the tattoo. With a cool new piece, people tend to forget your new tattoo is hundreds of tiny puncture marks you need to keep protected for the first few hours.

Products Matter
One of the most common products people turn to in times of healing are poly or Neosporin, but these are products that you actually want to avoid putting on fresh ink. These contain zinc that can actually take the ink out of your skin, leading to premature fading.

We know you have your daily smell good body wash, but during the process of healing skip anything with a scent; the fragrance can and most likely will irritate the already sensitive area. For the first few weeks stick to strictly unscented, antibacterial soaps.
Most of the time vitamin D is good for you, but it’s never good for your tattoo. Direct sunlight can cause damage. This is one way a tattoo can fade pretty fast. Skip the beach and stay in!

Resist Over Moisturizing
Have you heard the phrase, “too much of a good thing?” Well, moisturizing your tattoo is beneficial to an extent, but don’t put it on too thick (a thin layer of moisturizer a few times a day is ideal.) Excessive moisturizer can hold in too much moisture, which can produce bacteria and nobody wants to see that.

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