#FlashTheTime - How These Companies Are Helping Artists Stay Connected

It can be a challenge adjusting to social distancing for many reasons, one being it might seem like there isn’t much to and there's only so much you can binge-watch on Netflix. So, we got really excited when we saw Ultimate Tattoo Supply & World Famous Tattoo Ink were inviting artists to partake in #FlashTheTime. 

What is #FlashTheTime?

This is a way for artists all over the world to share a creative project they are working on or have been working on, hosted by World Famous Tattoo Ink & Ultimate Tattoo Supply. (This includes flash art, drawings, paintings, sculptures, or anything art).

How can you participate?

Tag your post with the hashtag #FlashTheTime and share your work with either Ultimate Tattoo Supply or World Famous Tattoo Ink. They will both be reposting selected submissions.

We might be socially distancing - but we’re still all connected. What is something you're currently working on? Comment below! 



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