Are these tattoos the next big thing?

Okay so we know you can get a tattoo basically anywhere but what we've noticed lately is one area is getting a sudden rush of attention: the face.

Work it

Despite it being the year 2019 some places of business still require employees to cover up sleeve tattoos so it's hard for some of us to understand the appeal of a tattoo that would be on the more difficult side to cover. According to a recent survey, 37 percent of HR managers noted a limit on career potential for tattoos in general. This leads to the question can we break the stigma that comes with this placement?                                                                                     

No Joke

Movies, television and even just talk around the office reference face tattoos typically as a joke; take for example The Hangover. It takes true grit and a courage personality to get this kind of tattoo and for that alone we don't think they should be belittled as much as they are. Taking a look at the pain chart the face is on the higher end of discomfort. And much like any other tattoo the only person that deserves a say in where it goes is the person getting it.  

What's on your mind

While getting a tattoo under your eyes or on your eyelids might seem more random than thought out, we're sure placement symbolizes something. When someone gets a tattoo over the eyebrow or on the forehead this symbolizes what's on their mind (in most cases) and for that, we think face tattoos deserve a bit more credit.  

Don't depend on the trend

What is popular or more mainstream today is most likely fleeting. With that in mind, we don't recommend you get a certain tattoo in a certain place because you see it popping up everywhere. Just like every other tattoo you get it has to be completely for you because the truth is you will see it more than anyone else. Would you get a face tattoo?

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