Five COVID-19 Charities

COVID-19 has affected people in multiple countries. People are doing their part to stop the spread, if you are looking for more ways to help out during this time we've included charity information below.

 1. The CDC Foundation (National Foundation for the Ctrs for Disease Contr & Prevention, Inc.)

This is an independent nonprofit charity created by Congress in hopes to mobilize philanthropic and private-sector resources to support the Centers for Disease Control’s health protection work. The CDC’s Coronavirus Response Fund helps provide flexible funding that can support state and local health departments, logistics, communication and data management.

2. The United Nations Foundation

Their goal is to connect people, ideas, and resources. They are currently focusing on greatest ensuring all countries are prepared, especially places with more fragile health systems. Donations directly support the World Health Organization to track and better understand the spread of the virus; while also ensuring patients receive what they need and frontline workers get supplies and information to accelerate efforts in developing vaccines, tests, and treatments.

3. The Disaster Relief Fund for Teachers & Students  (Created by Adopt a Classroom)

With school closings all over the world, donations made through the Disaster Relief Fund will be given to schools and teachers impacted by COVID-19. Schools are quickly trying to adapt to mobilizing classrooms so students can continue to learn from home. Their mission is to get crucial tools to students and teachers so they can stay connected. Learn more here. 

4. The Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief

Spotify is a popular music-streaming website. They understand the power of music - music can uplift people, help relieve stress, and they create playlists that help people feel connected. They created this charity to help the thousands of creative professionals in the music industry struggling as events are cancelled all over the world. Shopify is also matching the donations they receive. 

5. The Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition 

Their mission is to make sure all families have a safe, accessible, and affordable place to live while they recover from any financial struggles. They provide people with information and resources they need during this time. They also help people struggling with homelessness and low-income households. For 45 years they have worked to end homelessness and housing poverty in America.

These are just a few of the charities to choose from, there are countless others and more resources emerging every day. Is there a charity you are passionate about that isn't on this list? Please comment below!


Cover image by: Kat Yukawa




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