Breaking Records in the Tattoo Industry

The tattoo industry is ever-changing and expanding. We're taking the time to look at the tattoo timeline and see which artists and collectors have broken records along the way. 

Probably the biggest Marvel/Avenger Fan:

So, you can't really break a record for being the biggest fan, but one guy, in particular, marked his love for Marvel in a literal sense. Rick Scolamiero, an Avengers enthusiast, has reserved a large portion of his skin to these characters.  He's unlocked the title of Most Marvel comic book characters tattooed on the body...because yes, that is a real thing. He started out with a Spider-Man tattoo and added on from there now having over 30 tattoos strictly focused on Marvel. 

More about this here


Most tattooed female senior citizen:

People out there that think your tattoos won't age gracefully obviously haven't met the most tattooed female senior citizen, Charlotte Guttenberg. Charlotte is approaching her 70's and her tattoos still look incredible, her body is nearly 99 percent covered in ink.


The Guy with the Skull tattoos:

Fellow senior citizen tattoo collector and close friend of Charlotte, Chuck Helmke holds the record of Most skulls tattooed on the body. This guy has over 300 skull tattoos!   

More about these two here.



The Enigma, also known as Paul Lawrence, holds the record for Most Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Tattooed. The Enigma is an actor, musician, and performer with a very unique style with a whopping 2,123 puzzle pieces on his skin. 

More on the Enigma here.


A Tattoo Named Lucy:

Some people are superstitious when it comes to getting names tattooed on themselves and others say to that...F*** it. With that in mind, we think Mark Evans must've been feeling pretty confident when he thought of this tattoo idea; getting the name lucy tattooed on himself over 200 times. It might sound a bit obscure but he actually did it for a really inspiring cause. He did this to raise money for his daughter, Lucy and ultimately this earned him the title of Most Tattoos of the Same Name. 

More about Mark here.


Which record was most surprising? Comment below!

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