Lulu Siciliano write up for FK Iron Spektra Xion

My journey has been very interesting. From the time I was very young, I loved Art. I was always drawing and painting, and of course, Tattooing is a form of art. When I lived in the Ukraine and attended the Institute where I received a degree in Art and Culture, I was surrounded by the influence of Art. My initial techniques centered around the most natural ways to create soft, natural-looking eyebrow and eye lining, and lips. I enjoy my work so much because it wraps all my passions into one as I get to create an artistic form of beauty that is on display 24/7.  When I moved to the U.S I continued to practice these techniques, always striving to improve and perfect permanent makeup so that it looked completely natural. After moving to the U.S two great things happened, I continued to practice my powdered eyebrows techniques and I met my husband who, unbeknownst to me when we were first introduced, is a designer and manufacturer of tattoo machines. As they say, like-minds with a destiny find each other. As a P.M.U artist already training under the direction of world-class professionals and artists sharing their own techniques and tips, it was normal that I would want to try these with my husband’s machines. The next steps have made history.
I began using the Spektra Edge, which is an insanely powerful and amazing machine. As technology moved to smaller and more compact mechanical means, the dream of a small, powerful, device dedicated totally to the precision required for P.M.U became a possibility, and I am so very grateful to have seen the research and development of the Spektra Xion, which has been one of these inventions that revolutionized an entire industry. The Spektra Xion was the first pen-style tattoo machine ever created. This meant more functionality and the ability to get really close to the skin with more control over every stroke. I loved working with the Spektra Xion and kept giving my husband a lot of feedback on it, with even more ideas for a P.M.U version for smaller hands. This is how the Spektra Xion S was born and hence the growth of our company into the dynamic and exciting field of PMU and micro pigmentation with Microbeau. Microbeau International is a newcomer in the industry, but a strong one. It was born out of the growing need to introduce innovative and dedicated technologies in the field of micro-pigmentation devices. The company recognizes the increasing acceptance of permanent or semi-permanent tattooing used for enhancing, or for correction makeup now that technologies have brought us out of the last decade of thick, black/bluish eyebrows. People were hesitant to try it because nobody could do it right. Now, permanent makeup has become much more natural and I find that as technology develops, it has become easier to emphasize natural beauty. The improvement over supplies such as inks and cartridges have helped achieve better results, in a safer way.
The style and technique I specialize in is the powdered eyebrows, powdered eyeliner, hair-stroke eyebrows and aquarelle lips – which are as you may know very transparent and almost translucent in their natural, shiny, look. P.M.U is not intended to change the features of the face, but rather to accentuate the points of natural beauty. My experience with the Spektra Xion S has been that this device made life easier for P.M.U professionals. I have a seminar that I take on the road to the various conferences and conventions, and it offers a master class on my techniques and also on how to use, and get the most from the Xion S. To me, this is a very rewarding aspect of my profession; to be able to work directly with students who want to learn or improve their own techniques. All devices depend, of course, on how they function on the artists’ hands, but the particular beauty of the Xion S is that it has an adjustable give mechanism that allows artists to adjust to their style and pacing, regardless of the different types of skin densities. The Spektra Xion S adapts to you. One of the key features is the adjustable needle strike– especially in P.M.U when we have to work with the face, which is much more delicate than the rest of the body. The incremental needle depth dial is adjustable and clicks into a secure setting. This allows the artist to set a precise needle depth and avoids involuntary turning of the grip. There’s a project in the works for the very near future. We keep looking at ways to improve every aspect of P.M.U, including pre-sterilized, disposable slim grips where the needle and grip can be disposed of for speed and ease.

I’ve also introduced a line of clothing for PMU artists and professionals. The line is called D’Angelu and it is designed and made in Miami, FL. This clothing line of uniforms is styled to be professional, elegant, and comfortable, in an efficient way. D’Angelu can be found on Instagram @d.angelu for the time being. I am thrilled to say that our initial launch trial completely sold out and we’re taking pre-orders at the moment.

Definitely, the increasing acceptance and growth of P.M.U is on the upswing and Microbeau, with the introduction of the slim, pen-style Xion S is leading the industry with devices that make it possible to emphasize the beauty of our natural features. I am thrilled to be a part of this dynamic industry and look forward to seeing even better technology and more professionals introducing PMU techniques in the more clinical areas of esthetics.

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