Freshly Inked Interview with the Toy Snobs

Interview conducted by Thom Bullman

Instagram: @toysnobs
Photos By Dizzle and Izzy

Let's talk about that 80's and 90's nostalgia. What are a few of your favorite things you remember from your childhood?

I clearly remember me being such a huge fan of Masters of the Universe; that was my go-to toy, my Mom went out and bought doubles in case I ever broke them. A matter of fact,
I still have a carded He-Man and Battle Armor He-Man that my Mom had duplicates of.

Those things obviously had an influence on the radical products you bring to the masses now, what are your favorite projects you’ve worked on so far? Any crazy stories behind an idea?

So one of our best selling tees was the Rap Ninjas and I was so against it. My partner, Alex, said trust me; it took a day or two to sleep on it. We clearly decided to design it and once released people went crazy for it, we now have to do pre-orders to make sure everyone that wants one gets one. 

Name your absolute favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger film (before 1999)

Kindergarden Cop (duh!) or I guess Terminator 2.

You go to a lot of comic/pop culture cons ...any you haven't been to yet that would 
(Arnold Schwarzenegger voice: ) Pump you up?! Or be on your bucket list?

I try to attend as many as possible where I live (Miami, Florida.) I did just get to meet Alan Oppenheimer (voice of Skeletor) that's was probably a bucket list meet and greet.

You also do a lot of collabs with really awesome artists, especially fat, heavily tattooed bald guys whose name might start with a do those come about and what's the process like? Any future plans to do that more?

Oh yeah, worst experience ever!!! Totally kidding, Thom Bulman is awesome. Was actually following his work way before he became an A-list celeb after Ink Master. (Hahaha)
So I usually will just reach out to artists that are into what we stand for. Once they see our page they’re hooked. So with Thom, it was instant collaboration. 
We’ve done 2 pins so far which have done amazing and we just might be working on something else… Let's see!!

Your He-Man line launched in August and it appears to look like a big hit! What's on the docket for later this year? Ever consider a Madball line? You can't go wrong with mutants, ooze, snot, and monsters! 

Our Masters Collection was a success!!!  We got a few things cooking at the moment, make sure to follow @ToySnobs on Instagram for sneak peeks!!!
Madballs is definitely a line we'd love to work with, a matter of fact, I reached out to the licensing company a few weeks back to inquire some information to work with them. TBA

True or have a Pee-Wee Herman tattoo

This is true and yes! I grew up watching him and memorizing the movie (Big Adventure) So it was a given I get it tattooed. 

What future tattoos are you looking to add to your collection and any artists you're looking to get tattooed by? (*cough, me *cough )

I totally want to do a Hero vs. Villains piece on my thighs. That's in the future for sure. I’d love to get it done by Thom, maybe we can figure something out!

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to do this interview... 1 last question...if there was a dream brand you wanted to work with who would it be?

No, thank you so much- this was so much fun! We are really cool with a lot of brands out there but if I had to say one it would be Creepy Co. They’ve been so supportive since day one. Let's see what the future holds. 

Plug time! Where can the cyber nerds find you and your sweet threads?

Please check us out a 
WWW.TOYSNOBS.COM and make sure to stalk us on all social media @toysnobs 


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