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  • April 12th, 2016
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This Gallery contains 20 tattoos for every music lover, #16 is going to make all the punkers scream.

These tattoos for music lovers show that we not only like to listen to our music, we like to carry it with us everywhere we go in the form of ink. Tattoos have been associated with rock n roll almost since it’s inception, both arts are rebellious in nature, so it’s not surprise that many tattoo designs are inspired by music. In this gallery of tattoos for music lovers curated by Yallzee you will find portrait tattoos of some of your favorite musicians. We have Motorhead tattoos, Wu Tang Clan tattoos, Kiss tattoos and more. This gallery of tattoos for music lovers has so many music tattoos and band tattoos that you can’t help but get a song stuck in your head. So crank it up to 11 and enjoy these tattoos for music lovers.