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  • March 28th, 2016
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To begin, a warning for fans of the New York Giants—don’t read too much into your star wide receiver’s new tattoo lest you want to get depressed about the possible symbolism found within. With that out of the way, have you seen Odell Beckham Jr.’s enormous new Planet of the Apes themed back piece? It’s truly something to behold.

Over a period of a four days renowned tattooer Bang Bang went to work on Beckham’s back. When you have two superstars of their respective industries meet up you can’t expect them to get that work done in just any old tattoo shop. No, they needed their privacy. And by privacy we mean Drake’s house down in Florida. It’s good to be on top of your game.

What exactly is going on with the tattoo we aren’t 100% sure about yet. We know that it is a cover up and that Bang Bang has yet to put the finishing touches on it. We also know that the piece seems to be inspired by Planet of the Apes, what with the severed head of Lady Liberty and what appears to be a super aggro Cornelius at the bottom. The skyline in the background is all over the place though. The Hollywood sign is there but it’s not LA; New York’s Chrysler Building is clearly seen at the top.

Bang Bang working on a second tattoo for Beckham.

Bang Bang working on a second tattoo for Beckham.

And then one has to ask—and this is where Giants fans are going to get a little bit scared—is the inclusion of the Statue of Liberty a sign of things to come. Is ODB turning his back on the city and the team that made him a star? Perhaps he is not buying into the new coaching staff and wanted to use a tattoo to send the message that he’ll be leaving town as soon as his rookie contract is up. Or perhaps Beckham is just a huge Planet of the Apes fan and we’re stirring the pot a little bit because it’s fun to see Giants fans lose their mind? We’re guessing that the latter is the most likely.

For now we think that Bang Bang has done a hell of a job on the coverup and we can’t wait to see images of the piece once it is complete. You know that you’ll be able to find them here at

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